Character Design

With a beautiful illustration or well designed character, you can tell a story, give an emotion or statement without using any words. You can decorate a website, blog, cards, book cover, apparel, print work, children’s books, brand mascot or canvas for on your wall.

Pinup or Toonify

Do you want to become a pinup or toon? I take commissions on any kind of pinup designs, being transformed into a smoking hot pinup or funny/cute toon to use on your blog or a one of a kind portrait to hang on your wall or give as a unique gift to that special someone.

Logo, Branding &
Graphic Designs

The visual identity of an organization is very important: is your logo recognizable and your company memorable? Good branding doesn’t end with a logo and beautiful letterhead, but includes envelopes, business cards, forms, flags, coffee cups, company cars etc.