Monsters should be scary, but Dreadsies are a new exclusive breed of monsters with a phobia or disorder, which makes them utterly useless as monsters,
but it also makes them extremely adorable and funny.


Werewolf Bubba is a werewolf that does not like to spend his past-time howling at the moon. He is afraid of the dark and his own shadow. The ironic thing is that Bubba’s inner monster needs the night and the full moon to become a werewolf.


Ghost Lex is so sad and alone. Everyone seems to ignore him and look straight through him. He just can’t figure out why people would be so rude to just simply pretend he does not exist. It gives him a low self-esteem and makes him lonely.


Voodoo doll Melvin is always depressed. He wants to protect people from bad curses, but he has a low tolerance for pain and people keep hurting him with those damn needles.


Zombie Bob is very active, but also very clumsy. He likes to play sports, but that’s a bad combination for a zombie that has problems staying in one piece. Its very sad for him, but very entertaining for us.

Chadin Art